Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wonderful World of Worms

As a fisherman and gardener, I have an appreciation for worms. These slimy, wiggly critters nature created are almost perfect. Worms are almost every where in the world. Some is extreme places. They can even be eaten! MMM! not so much for me thanks. The Robins love them though. I enjoy watching the Robins struggling to pull a night crawler for the ground. It is hilarious.

Worms are more important to the ecosystem then just being a food source. They decompose waste in soils and compost bins. The practice of vermiculture composting allows us to create a ecosystem to devourer our kitchen (green waste) and some newspaper (brown waste). Here is a great video clip on how to build you very own vermiculture. Hope you take advantage of this great system. If you do it right is is a great way to always have a few extra worms to use for fishing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Everyone Needs a Good Garden Bench

I have my seeds started and garden covered with a new layer of compost. Which I hope means I need to get ready to plant. Potting and transplanting would work out better if I had a good bench to work from, rather then bending to the ground. I started planning a very basic work bench for the backyard. I have a great little spot already picked out.

With much excitement I drafted a flat top bench on the back of an envelope. I find this recycled scratch paper works well for my brainy ideas. Yep, I have lost some pretty good ideas this way now that I think about it! Meanwhile, back at the drafted sketch. As is doodled I could visualize the bench. I was not happy with it. I decided to check the web to see if there were any garden benches, I could use for insperation. a few clicks and Bam! There it was, on The bench! Yes, that is the one I would build for my back yard. Thanks, Finewoodworking staff.

Now, that I have my plan and material list. I can go pick up the materials. Yesterday I saw at local lumber yard. 2x4's on sale for only 99 cents. WOOT!!! What a deal! Now all I need is a good camera so I can post the pictures of the build. I use to use my Blackberry until it died. Still morning the loss of that phone. But, I at least will have a good bench!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Compost Gardening

Gardening! Oh, what a wonderful thing. Spring fills the air with a buzz of activity around suburban America. People out trying to lay claim to their gardens and flower beds before the weeds take them. We find our gardens and flower beds filled with everything from leaves to the wiley plastic Walmart (chain store) bag. Which means we have to clean things up a bit before we can bring in the new. Aside from the plastic bag most of the material removed from the garden/flower beds can be reused. What! How do you reuse dead leaves and plant material? Compost it's the best way to reuse yard and some kitchen waste.For more information check out Compost 101: Don’t Start a Garden Without It! to find out some great information on the process of composting.

Creative gardening would not be possible without good soil for the plants to grow in. The compost garden provides that good soil by providing it with nutrients and humus. So use a method of composting that best suits your gardening needs. Then reap the harvest it brings. Don't miss out on the food nature provides to you and your garden. live natural and eat like a King or Queen!

Getting Started with a plan

If your like me the hardest part of any task is getting started. I have to ask myself from time to time why? What makes it so hard to get going? However, once the coffee kicks in and a good plan is developed, I can really get cranking. Must be the coffee! No really it is a good plan.

I find that if I make a plan and create an outline of the materials and tasks that need to be accomplished. I am far more likely to succeed. Planning is the key element to success. whether it is planning a meal of a major woodworking project. Determining what you want to do is the foundation of the accomplishment.

It is disheartening to watch people myself included, wonder aimlessly trying to figure out what to do next. All of us have done it! Spontaneously starting something ( a project) and then rushing to find tools, materials or what step to complete next. So how do we prevent this? Well that is a great question. It is really up to one's on ability to plan and execute as much of our lives as we can. There are no magic beans! Just hard work and doing our very best to get better each and every day. So get a plan and get started! Yeah you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sundays are wonderful

I enjoy Sunday's with my family. We usually do not get much accomplished on this day, which I guess, is the way it should be. After all most of the family is still sleeping. Happily, I scurry about like a squirrel gathering nuts, collecting the weeks laundry. Gathering every one's lost articles "socks" from under the chairs. You know how these little things migrate! Finally, with heaping baskets it's off to the basement for the weekend laundry special. Stopping only long enough to wake up Mr. Coffee. Meanwhile, with laundry in check, and coffee ready. I slip off to my easy chair.

Ahh! Mother nature is a genius! That little coffee bean is magical, it is absolutely incredible. I can feel the energy coursing through my veins. The endorphins are releasing and I feel good! Ready to take on the the world!. Well through the laptop anyway. You know how unruly an inbox can be. where does time go? Poof gone! must have have been some battle with an unruly inbox. Damn there is always one email that sends me off on a quest to find out more! I hate that. Still with all that, I think Sunday's are wonderful days.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

For Openers

Organic living has a different meanings to each one of us. I will attempt to correctly share my version of organic living in today's complex world in future blogs. Clearly as we read it is almost impossible to get pure food today. The land has been contaminated in ways that may never be understood. Chemicals may have been dumped from an earlier era, unknown to us as we till to ground for a garden. Getting past all of that, I believe there are still great, and healthy ways to use the resources available to us. In future blog posts I will go into some detail on some of the way's my family takes advantage of the great food gathered in our natural world.

Along with the Organic side of the blog I will throw in a few fishing stories and some great woodworking projects. It will be fun! at least for me. I have a sick sense of humor so be warned! I never know what I will say or do, just ask my wife. She thinks I am totally nuts.